Want to get connected in Oklahoma?

Finding good internet providers in Strang Oklahoma area is a must – and SSTelco is the best.
SSTelco makes it easy to get online to play games, keep up with family and friends, and even work remotely. With free installations and unlimited data, we’re the best option for staying in tune with the world around you, no matter how you prefer enjoying the internet.

Get Fast, Reliable Internet in Strang, OK

When living in Strang, Oklahoma, having access to high-speed internet can provide you with the following benefits and more:

Gigabit Internet

Blazing fast upload and download speeds!

Local Support

Our team is fast, friendly and experienced!

Trusted For 75 Years

Serving over 5,000 customers and counting!

Best Prices Around

Simple, flexible plans with unlimited data!


$ 59
95 month
  • $49.95 with 2 yr contract
  • 100 Mbps upload/download


$ 84
95 month
  • $74.95 with 2 yr contract
  • 500 Mbps upload/download


$ 99
95 month
  • $89.95 with 2 yr contract
  • 1 Gbps upload/download

Why Connectivity Matters in Strang

Getting internet in Strang, OK, hasn’t always been the easiest. With just around 100 residents, this quaint town just a few miles north of Salina is small but still growing. Only in recent years has that growth spread to the digital world – which is great for Oklahomans in search of connectivity options.

Keeping People in Touch

Today, high-speed internet plays a vital role in the local culture. It allows people to stay connected without giving up the small-town life you just can’t find in bigger cities like Tulsa or Muskogee.

Bringing Great Internet Options to All

There are broadband options to fit most budgets – like our Fiber, VDSL, and DSL services. With SSTelco, it’s just as easy to see what’s happening on the other side of the world as it is to go for a summer stroll around Lake Hudson.

Building Stronger Local Businesses

Those who live in Strang for its strong agricultural heritage don’t have to miss out either: High-speed broadband isn’t just for online games, streaming shows, and music. It’s also essential for growing a business. With a limited regional customer base, being able to advertise, drop-ship, and work with suppliers is vital – and fast, high-quality internet service makes it all possible.

We're the Leading Internet Provider in the Strang Oklahoma Area

Having high-speed internet in Strang, Oklahoma makes life sweeter. It allows residents to work from home, stay connected with family and friends, and access the latest online content. It even puts area businesses on a more level competitive playing field.

You may want to connect for many reasons. As one of the few internet providers with an established physical presence in Strang, Oklahoma, we can’t wait to help. With a rich track record of enterprise-level service and strong local roots, no installation is too challenging.

Talk to the team here at SSTelco. We make it easy to get online with:

  • Friendly service, 
  • Free no-fuss installations, and
  • All the equipment you need to get started. 

We don’t think using the internet should be an ordeal – or so expensive that only a few lucky people can afford it. We’re passionate about making access straightforward, affordable, and effective, so why wait? Reach out today to learn more about your options, or book an appointment to get online.

Maintenance Plans

Pay a small monthly fee and avoid the costs of unexpected repairs. Sign up for any of our plans before damage occurs and you’ll never pay a $60 trip charge. Our technicians come to your home or business and you save time. More than 64 percent of our high-speed internet customers have one of our plans.

Let SST Install Your WiFi Network Today

We’ll set up your home or business WiFi network so you can enjoy the convenience of high-speed internet in any room. We can network your smart phones, notepads, laptops, gaming systems, Netflix, Roku and more. Networking services are a minimum charge of $75 for the first hour, then billed in 15 minute increments thereafter.

Important High-Speed Internet Information

For access to high-speed internet, customers usually need to reside within three to four miles of an SST switch facility. For DSL 3 and above, some customers may need to be even closer. Unfortunately, not all customers will be within the range of high-speed internet. However, as one of the leading telephone providers in Strang, Oklahoma, SST mandates that you must have our telephone service to enjoy our high-speed internet products. This integration allows us to deliver a superior, streamlined communication experience.

Does Your Computer Have A Network Card?

You must verify your computer is equipped with a network interface card (NIC) prior to applying for service. If your equipment is not properly equipped, there will be a $60 per trip charge for each additional trip required to complete installation.

Strang, OK Phone Company

Essential voice communications for both local and long distance

Residential & Business Service

Both basic local residential service and business service is $14 per month. This cost does not include state and federal taxes or 911 charges set by each community or county. Deposits may apply. A $28 installation fee is charged to connect the line from our facilities to the interface box outside your home or business. Additional charges apply for SST to install telephone jacks inside your residence or business.

Calling Features

Get the most out of your service every time your phone rings with our array of popular calling features including Caller ID Name and Number,Caller ID with Call Waiting, and Voice Mail. Businesses may want to consider On Demand Conference Calling, Call Waiting or Call Forwarding. Call for complete details.

Maintenance Plans

Avoid costly, unexpected repair bills when you sign up in advance for our residential or business maintenance plan. For a low monthly fee, SST service technicians will locate and repair inside wiring and jacks (in working condition at the time service is established) whenever you experience a problem. Plans do not cover repair or replacement of damage to wiring and jacks due to events such as fire, vandalism or natural disasters. Customer-owned telephone equipment is not covered.

Trusted for over 75 Years

  1 (800) 722-3450

Trusted for over 75 Years

  1 (800) 722-3450