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DSL & VDSL Agreement

The following agreement is between Salina Spavinaw Telephone Company, Inc., and customer: Terms, Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy of SST Internet is available at


Internet Speed

Monthly Price

DSL 1.5M/512k $35.95
DSL 3M/768k $39.95
DSL 4.5M/1M $44.95
DSL 6M/1M $49.95
DSL 8M/1M $59.95
DSL 10M/1M $69.95
VDSL 10M/5M $84.95
VDSL 15M/5M $89.95
VDSL 30M/5M $94.95
VDSL 50M/5M $99.95
Service Requested(Required)


SST-IQ Options


Monthly Price

ProtectIQ Network Level Security $5.95
ExperienceIQ Content/Bandwidth Control $5.95
Ultimate Wi-Fi Both features $8.95
Select SST-IQ Options(Required)




Price + tax

Monthly pymt option

DSL Modem Required for DSL $39.95 N/A
VDSL Modem Required for VDSL $105.95 N/A
Gigaspire Router 6.1 Capable up to 1 Gig $160.00 Buy $10/16 months
Mesh Wifi Extender Extends wifi signal $130.00 Rental $5.95 monthly

Maintenance Plan

A $60 trip charge will be assessed on all trouble tickets not covered by one of the below plans

Plan type/h4>


Monthly Price + tax

DSL Modem Plan Covers modem/trip charge $3.95
DSL Modem/Router Plan Covers modem/router (if purchased from SST) & trip charge $5.95
VDSL Modem/Router Plan Covers VDSL modem/router (if purchased from SST) & trip charge $7.95

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