SST Long Distance

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Low Rates, Long on Value and Convenience

Your best choice in long distance providers is a neighbor you already know and trust – SST.  You can now enjoy SST Long Distance at incredibly low rates.  Additional advantages of SST Long Distance include: 6-second billing increments; convenient billing with your internet, telephone and long distance charges on one SST bill; and the ease of local offices with local customer service.

Outside OklahomaWithin Oklahoma
2½¢ per minute
Anytime, anywhere within continental U.S.
6½¢ per minute
Anytime, anywhere outside your local calling exchange.
No matter the time of day, it’s only 2½¢ per minute when you call outside Oklahoma but within the continental United States.When calling within Oklahoma, the rate is 6½¢ per minute, to call anytime, anywhere outside your local calling exchange.

Your monthly bill will include a $4 monthly long distance surcharge plus your billable long-distance minutes.

With SST, you’ll enjoy:

  • 6-second billing increments – Many companies charge for a full minute no matter how short your call.  We bill in 6-second increments.
  • Convenient billing – Consolidate your DSL, telephone and long distance charges on one SST bill.

Pre-Paid Long Distance – $5 per 30-minute block

Never again suffer from unexpected long-distance charges. Pre-pay your long distance minutes in advance and you’ll never exceed your budget again.  Determine the amount you want to spend each month.  Pay for the minutes you talk, but no more than the amount you have budgeted.  It’s $5 for each 30-minute block.