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Check E-mail Anywhere
Salina-Spavinaw Telephone Co. has launched a new webmail service that allows users to check their email from anywhere when they are out of town or away from their primary home or business computer.  You can access this service at  https://webmail.sstelco.com/. This service replaces the existing Mailman webmail service.  The first time you click on the new link, after you have logged in with your user name and password, you’ll be asked to enter personal information such as your name and email address.  (All user names include –ss.  If your email address is route66@sstelco.com, you would enter route66-ss as your user name.)  After you enter your personal information and click “submit,” the service will take you to your emails. 

Internet Security  Enhance the safety of your computer by adding free anti-virus and pop-up blocker programs available through the Security Center.  The Security Center keeps you informed on safe Internet practices and provides options for securing your computer.  Find information on how to enable pop-up blocker and why spyware is dangerous.

User Services  When you go to User Services, http://sstelco.com/userservices, type in your user name and password.  From there, you can change your password, see how much time you spent online the previous month (dial-up customers only), or enter the Help Forum.  The Help Forum is a web-based discussion group.  Many users experience similar problems so you may find answers to your internet questions here.

E-mail Abuse  If you're receiving unwanted e-mails, contact Brightnet at abuse@brightok.net.  Do not forward the e-mails to this address.  You must send the unsolicited e-mail as an attachment.  Call the Help Desk for assistance.

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