DSL Troubleshooting Tips

DSL Double Port Modem DSL Single Port Modem
DSL Double Port Modem DSL Single Port Modem
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Trouble Shooting Your DSL Modem

Check the following for either your single- or double-port modem.

If modem has no POWER light: Check your electric plug to make sure it is secure in the electric outlet and that the power cord is plugged into the modem. If neither of these things are the problem, then your modem is not working. If you have the maintenance plan call our office to schedule a service call. If you do not have the plan, bring the modem and the power cord to one of our offices for testing.

If the STATUS light is not solid: Reset your modem by pulling the power cord out of the modem for 10 seconds, then plug back in. If your status light does not come on solid in about 10 minutes, then you have a DSL connection problem and need to call our office.

If the LAN light is not on: This indicates your modem does not see your computer or router. Check the Ethernet plug leaving the modem going to your computer or router and make sure it is secure. If these are secure, try restarting your computer or router to reconnect to the modem. If this does not work, the problem may be the router, network card, or Ethernet cord.

If all the above lights are on: Reset your router. Once your router comes back up, you will need to reset all your equipment.

Additionally, if you have a double-port modem, confirm that your telephone cord is plugged into the LINE port as pictured below.

DSL Double Port Line In

Steps for Resetting DSL

1. Turn off all your equipment. (computer, iPad, gaming system, etc.)

2. Turn off router.

3. Unplug power to modem for 10 seconds, then plug modem back in.

4. When your status or DSL light is solid, you can restart your router. If you do not have a router then you would restart your computer.

5. If you have a router, you need to wait until the Internet indicator light is solid on the router and then you can turn your equipment back on.

NOTE: The most important thing to remember is your modem must be linked to SST. You’ll know you are linked when you have a solid STATUS or DSL light. Do not restart any of your equipment until you have a solid STATUS or DSL light.