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ATTENTION - All SST Customers:  

SST is converting to a new mail server.  Please make sure your incoming
and outgoing mail server is set to mail.sstelco.com.

Please call  us at 918-434-5392 if you experience problems sending or receiving mail.

Knock-your-socks-off, high-speed DSL!

7 DSL speeds for your computing needs
Starting at only $32.95 per month for Basic DSL, our
full array of DSL products (Basic DSL up to DSL 10.0)
will allow you to:

* Stream movies and download lots of music.
* Run multiple wireless devices at home.
* Send and retrieve large volumes of business data.
* Connect your business to corporate headquarters.
* Be super competitive in online gaming.

Did you know we now sell routers, provide
networking services and have expanded our DSL
maintenance plans? more info

Call SST today at 1.800.722.3450. Click here for DSL speeds and pricing.

Economical, Easy On Demand Conference Calling
Set up your conference calling account today.  Great for schools, clinics, businesses and more. One-time set up fee of $20.  Up to 20 participants per call. For complete details, click here.

Internet Links Check Email Anywhere

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